Paper Ball Shute

Non Competitive Saturdays

Process and Rules

Times of Operation:  To ensure smooth running of the 1st tee, on non-competitive Saturdays from 12th Nov 2016 through to March 25th 2017, a Starter will be present in the hut at the 1st Tee from 7.00 a.m. until 12.00 p.m. or until such a time when the tee is quiet.

Paper Ball Shute Rules: All players of each game shall be present at the time of booking.  They may then use the Putting Green, Practice Area, Indoor Net or Clubhouse, providing no delay in play results.

If all players are not present to play, when due, they shall be placed last on the list.

4 balls will be the preferred grouping of play.  Starters have the authority to encourage smaller groups to make up 4s and, where appropriate, to allow a combination of booked in players within “Roll-ups”.

They will check for Guests/Visitors tickets.

They will check that trolleys meet the rules appropriate to the conditions and confirm any exemptions.

They will settle any disputes about order of play.

Winter competitive matches have no precedence on the 1st tee and thereafter, normal pace of play etiquette and courtesies apply.

Authority: The Starter has the delegated authority of the Committee to carry out the role and apply the guidelines.  Mistreatment of the Starter will not be tolerated.

General Manager

Steven West

01822 852824 Ext: 1


Claire Smith

01822 852824 Ext: 4


Tim Wilkes

01822 852824 Ext: 5


Tim McSherry

01822 852824 Ext: 3

Direct line: 01822 853593