Competition Rules

Policy for Weather Affected Events

Yelverton Golf Club is committed to providing golfers with the best possible playing condi-tions.  However, there are many instances when Mother Nature forces the suspension of play or closure of the golf course, protecting the safety of the golfers as well as protecting the condition of the golf course.

During periods of inclement weather such as - high volumes of rain, frost, fog, abnormal cold or extreme wind, the organising Committee will make a decision whether or not to cancel, delay, suspend or abandon play.  Although the weather patterns are unpredictable, we have to make a decision that takes account of both course conditions and the golfers scheduled to play that day.

The Secretary / General Manager will make the final decision as to when the golf course will open for play, and will notify the Pro Shop and post the details on the club website.  Usually the decision to either cancel or delay play will, dependent on time of year, be made by 07:30/08:00.

Please check the website or call the Pro Shop - 01822 853 593 - before travelling to the Golf Club, especially in the months of November to late February.

Please understand the staff do not control nor can they predict Mother Nature. They do not know how long it will be until the frost clears, the fog lifts, the rain subsides, or the lightning stops. Please be patient and considerate during these times.

Rain and Casual Water

Golfers may choose to play in the rain.  However, there are times when significant rainfall will over saturate and flood the golf course leaving it unsafe for golfers and susceptible to dam-age.  Depending on the amount of rain, the course may need to be closed completely for a period of time.

Frost Delays (Course Policy Document (CPD) Appendix 8 - Frost Greens)

By withholding traffic from turf grass areas during periods when leaf and stem tissue are fro-zen, frost damage can be minimised.

Fog Delays (CPD Appendix 20 - Fog Policy)

Golf becomes a dangerous sport when you cannot see where your ball is going. To ensure the safety of our golfers and staff, YGC will delay or suspend all play until the fog has lifted completely.  While the first hole may seem clear, please remember that fog may remain for a longer period of time on other parts of the course.

Thunderstorm Safety (CPD Appendix 21 - Thunderstorm Policy)

It always seems to happen when you are having the best round of your life.  The wind picks up, the clouds move in, and you hear thunder in the distance.  The temptation always exists in these circumstances to convince yourself and your playing partners that there is enough time to finish your rounds, or at least a few more holes.  If you play on instead of seeking shelter, your great round could become the last round of your life.

Competition Contingencies

Cancellations - With the exception of Opens and the Club Championships, cancelled or abandoned Men’s competitions are not generally replayed, with any Trophies associated with the event transferred to the next suitable event. 

Some Ladies events are rearranged, but on-ly once.

Abandonments - If a Qualifying Competition is abandoned for any valid reason, the Compe-tition Scratch Score shall be regarded as equal to the Standard Scratch Score and players returning scores better than their Handicaps shall have their Exact Handicaps reduced.  A score outside the Buffer Zone shall not result in a handicap increase.

Steve West
General Manager
28 April 2016

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