45/18. MEET GORDON IRVINE. A Master Greenkeeper, Gordon Irvine, will be giving a talk at 6pm on Thursday 26th April following his review of the course during the day. See the full advert by clicking the link on the Home page of the Club Web Site. This should be a really interesting and enlightening talk and all Vets who are interested in the Course and how it is maintained should make every effort to come along.

44/18. VICTORY OVER DAWLISH WARREN. Well done to all concerned for a 5-1 victory over Dawlish Warren today at Home. The first success of the season. Full results will be published when known.

43/18. APRIL QUALIFIER. It is hoped to play the April Qualifier on Wednesday 25th April.

42/18. DMVGA WINTER LEAGUE - ROUND 4. The Final Round for the DMVGA Winter Series, postponed from 5th April at Honiton, has been re-scheduled for Monday 30th April.

12.56 Yelverton Team 2 - Chris Willis, Tony Westacott and Keith Stokes.

13.04 Yelverton Team 1 - Mike Ayres, John Greenwood and Brian Wardle.

See the full starting sheet by clicking this link.

41/18. NEW TORQUAY DATE FIXED. The match Away v Torquay on 9th April that was abandonned due to fog has been rearranged for Friday 31st August. Tee time to be notified in due course.

40/18 MATCH CONFLICT RESOLVED. The revised teams for the two matches on Monday 16th April can be seen by clicking on the event in the Fixture List. There will be 12 players going to Launceston and 12 players at Home to Dawlish Warren. Well done to Noel Preston-Jones for sorting the debacle out so well and thanks to all those who have volunteered to step in or change venues. Putting out two teams on the same day demonstrates the strength in depth of the Vets (or maybe just the desperation to get out and play some golf).

38/18. DOWNES CREDITION AWAY MATCH RE-SCHEDULED. The match that was cancelled from 12th April has now been re-scheduled for 1200 on Wednesday 15th August. There is a normal Vets Roll Up scheduled for that day so although not ideal, the match date is unavoidable. 

37/18. CHINA FLEET AWAY DAY. Its a GO!.  The Away Day to China Fleet next Wednesday (18th April) will go ahead. Can all those who put their names on the list be at China Fleet for 0900 with £15 for the golf and coffee. Buggies will be available but only for those that actually need them rather than simply want one. 

35/18. CHURSTON HOME MATCH RE-SCHEDULED. The Home Match v Churston which was due to be played on 3rd April but cancelled due to course conditions, has been re-scheduled for Friday October 5th at 1200.

34/18. MATCH ADMINISTRATION REMINDER. All members are reminded of the following conventions when volunteering for Vets Matches:

  • Only volunteer for the first leg of a match if available for the second.
  • More volunteers are required than the stipulated number of players so a Reserve pool can be created.
  • When team lists are published, players MUST tick off their names to confirm availability and handicap.
  • Should circumstances arise such that a selected player can no longer meet the commitment, then it is the responsibility of the player dropping out to go to the first named Reserve and arrange for them to take their place, informing the Captain of the change. If the first named Reserve is not available for some reason, the list should be worked through in order.
  • If nominated as a Reserve, a player should remain available to play up to the start of the match. Having no available reserves creates an enormous administrative burden for the Captain which is to be avoided at all costs.
  • It is always advisable to contact your playing partner well before the match to confirm any arrangements such as match details, travelling plans etc.

Members compliance with match protocol is greatly appreciated as it a major help to the Captain who has enough to do without additional hassle.  

33/18. TEAMS for MATCHES v OKEHAMPTON and EXETER. These teams are now on the web site and the notice board.

32/18. MATCH v TORQUAY ABANDONNED DUE TO FOG/MIST. A very disappointing day at Torquay yesterday. The weather forecast was pretty good and it all boded well when we started, but after under an hour a thick sea mist/fog decended with visability cut to about 50/60 yards. The course had to be closed and then the rain came. However we were very well hosted by Torquay and their catering team manged to come up with some excellent Steak Pie and Chips which nealy all stayed for. Attempts are ongoing to try and re-schedule the event. Torquay have had similar problems to ourselves with the weather and their fairways and through the green areas are far worse than ours, as they have a clay base which does not drain at all well. 

28/18. MATCH CALLING NOTICES. Calling notices for the forthcoming matches versus Bigbury, Holsworthy, Stover and Teignmouth will be going up on the notice board on Wednesday 4th April.

27/18. MATCH V CHURSTON on 3rd APRIL CANCELLED. Churston have asked for an early decision about the match to be played at Yelverton on Tuesday 3rd April. Taking into account the current state of the course and the weather forecast, which is for daily rain for the next 12 days, the decision has been taken to cancel the match and re-schedule it for later in the year.

26/18. DMVGA PRESIDENT'S SALVER. Yelverton are sending two teams of three to compete in this event being held at Tiverton on Thursday 26th April. The start she can be seen by clicking this link

25/18. DMVGA WINTER LEAGUE. Yelverton Vets sent two teams to a very windy Thurlestone yesterday. Scoring was extremely difficult with well hit drives into the wind going about 150 yds. We recorded scores of 60 and 63 ending on an aggregate of 208 and 207. Quite a way behind Boringdon who lead on 227. The full results can be seeen by clicking this link.  The start sheet for the fourth and final event at Honiton on Thursday 5th April can be seen by clicking this link. Teams go out in reverse order of current standing. At least we are in the top 10!

4/18. MARCH QUALIFIER ABANDONED. The weather has yet again foiled any attempt to hold the March Qualifier which has now been abandoned. The course was again compromised today by a very wet night with 13 temporaries. As this is the third year running that holding a Quaifier in March has been extremely problematic, the Vets Committee will consider not plannng one in March next year but still making sure there are enought during the year for the Jim Ball Trophy and handicap qualification purposes. 

23/18. MATCH RESULT. Yeleverton Vets played their first match of 2018 against Royal North Devon on Monday 26th March - and came second! We lost by 4½ to 2½. Full results can be seen by clicking the event on the Fixture List. The good points were that the RND team were an extremely enjoyable group to play against (they loved the course), the golf was highly competitive (mostly) and the after match meal a resoundingly enjoyable affair. A perfect example of why we play these matches.

22/18 MATCH TEAMS.  Teams for the forthcoming matches versus Torquay, Downes Crediton and Dawlish Warren are now on the notice board and can be seen by clicking on the event in the Fixture List.

21/18 VETS/LADIES/POUNDERS MATCH CANCELLED. The Vets/Ladies/Pounders match scheduled for Sunday 18th March at 1100 has been cancelled due to currnet course conditions and expected bad weather over the week-end. Attempts will be made to re-schedule the event for later in the season.

20/18. RULE CHANGES 2019. The R&A art introducing new rules from 2019. These incude putting with the flag stick in, dropping a ball from knee height, replacing a ball which is lost without returning to the Tee and quite a few more. For full details click this link

19/18. FRANK HUMPHREY DRAW. The draw is now published and can be seen by selecting the Frank Humphrey option in the Vets Menu. A copy will also be posted on the Notice Board. Please note that there are four Preliminary Round Matches which need to be completed by 18th April.

18/18. MATCH CALLING NOTICES. Calling notices for the April matches v Downes Crediton, Launceston and Okehampton are now up on the Board.

17/18. TEAM LIST FOR VETS, LADIES AND POUNDERS MATCH. This 3-way match is being played at 1100 on Sunday 18th March. The Vets team list can be seen by clicking the link on the fixture list. Full list plus start times now shown.

16/18. TIM McSHERRY FAREWELL. We are delighted to announce that Tim McSherry will be joining the Vets Roll Up on Wednesday 21st March. It will be very near to his final event at Yelvereton and we are very priviledged that he has found time to come and support us in this way. We will be saying a formal farewell to him at the end of proceedings so please can as many Vets as possible stay on for this poignant event. We will also be joined on that day by the new Club Captain Victor Guererro so we are doubly blessed.

15/18. MARCH QUALIFIER. It is hoped to play the March Qualifier next week on 14th March but this will of course be weather and course availability dependant. More than two tempoorary greens or a shortening of the course by over 150yd (I think this is the correct figure) means that it ceases to be a "measured" course and therefore invalid for handicap adjustment purposes. If the 14th is no good, we will go for 28th (see notice above about Tim McSheery joining the Vets on 21st). A decision to play the Qualifier or not will be made on the day.

14/18. TEAM LISTS FOR UPCOMING MATCHES. Team list for matches versus Royal North Devon (H) on Monday 26th March at 1200 and CHURSTON (H) on Tuesday 3rd April at 1100 are now on the notice board and can be seen by clicking the event in the Fixture List.

13/18. EMERTON-COURT DATES. First Round is against Great Torrington.  Arrangements are as follows:

Yelverton Practice at Great Torrington 1200 Thursday 10th May

Away Match at Great Torrington 1230 Wednesday 16th May

Torrington Practice at Yelverton 1000 Friday 18th May

Home Match 1300 Wednesday 23rd May

12/18. DATE CHANGE FOR DAWLISH WARREN HOME MATCH. The Home match v Dawlish Warren had been scheduled for Monday 7th May. As this is a Bank Holiday when the course should be maximally available to Members, it has been moved to MONDAY 16th APRIL 1100.

11/18. AWAY DAY AT CHINA FLEET on day of Club 3BBB (No Vets that Day) - Wednesday 18th April 2018. Chelsea has booked China Fleet for 50 players. £15 to include coffee on arrival. A calling notice will be put up shortly. First Come First Served.


10/18. DMVGA LOOKING FOR NEW HONORARY SECRETARY. Bob Small is standing down as Hon. Secretary DMVGA in October. Anyone interested please contact Bob Small via e-mail: bobposhpig" There is a job description which can be downloaded here (PDF 100KB). pdf logo transparent 150x150 11

9/18. CAPTAIN'S AWAY DAY 2018.  The Captain's Away Day this year will be a one day event open to all Vets. Chelsea Davis is pleased to announce that the arrangements are as follows:

Dainton Park Golf Club

Thursday 23rd August 2018

Coffee and Bacon Bap on arrival.

Running Carvery on completion of golf.

Ist Tee Time : 1148

Fabulous prizes no dount!!

Cost of the Day (Golf and Carvery): £35.00

If you want a buggy, book through Chelasea who is hoping to reserve some as there are two other Societies earlier that day and only eight buggies available.Buggies cost £24 (may be £22 if enough book).

A calling notice will be posted in due course.



The Annual Review of Handicaps has now been published following the updating of the necessary software by English Golf Union. A full list is on the Club Web Site and Notice Board. An extract of all the changes that effect Veteran Section Members can be seen by clicking this link. As a reminder, Vets Handicaps that are used on Wednesdays will be adjusted to reflect these changes. These new Vets Handicaps can be seen as usual on the Winnings sheet posted on the Notice Board and in the Vets Section of the Web Site under Results.


7/18. EMERTON-COURT 2018.

A calling notice for volunteers to join the Emerton-Court Squad will be on the notice board shortly. It reads:

If you would like to be involved in Yelverton’s Emerton Court squad this year, please write your name on the list (on the notice board).

Eligibility.   In order to be eligible to take part, you must:

  • Be a registered member of DMVGA before 1 March 2018.   [See our Treasurer, Jack Bovingdon, in order to sign up.]
  • Be an active member of Yelverton’s Vets Section.   [‘Active’ means that, in the period between 1 March 2017 and 28 February 2018, you played in a minimum of THREE Vets qualifying competitions or Vets inter-club matches or a combination of both.]
  • Possess a CONGU competition handicap, maximum 28.

Organisers.   Keith Clench is the selector.   Admin arrangements for the matches are dealt with by Noel Preston-Jones.   Keith Stokes is our DMVGA representative and attends DMVGA meetings.

The team.   The team for each match consists of 5 pairs plus a reserve pair.   The reserve pair are required to play (usually going out after the remainder of the team) – and will be required to step in if someone from the 5 main pairs becomes unavailable on the day.

Who are we looking for ?   We want a squad of players (with a good variety of handicaps) who can play to their handicap and compete strongly in a match-play contest.

What happens next ?   This list will close on Wednesday, 21 February.   A trial will then be arranged (in March – date to be decided) in order to help Keith Clench to select a squad.

First match.   We have been given a bye in the First Round.   For the Second Round, we have been drawn to play against Great Torrington GC – both legs of this match are to be completed by 26 May.

Who to contact for further info

Selector:                                                Keith Clench.   07753 728704.

 Admin:                                                   Noel Preston-Jones.   01822 853237.   07779 337025.

                                                                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



It has been announced that Adam Frayne will become the new Cub Profesional on 1st April 2018 in succession to Tim McSherry. This very popular decision is excellent news and the Veterans' Section wish Adam every success for the future.



The meal costs for Veterans Matches will remain the same as last year; £13 + £1 gratuity per head except when there is a Carvery when the cost will be £14 + £1 gratuity. The Carvery option will only be avavilable when there are 32 or more diners.



For this season, Chelsea has chosen Breast Cancer Care as his charity for the year.



In the interests of other members, who are pushed back down the order, requests for an early start time on Wednesdays should only be made for significant reasons (medical and other unavoidable appointments etc.) and not merely for convenience or personal preference. Only one “early starter” per Tee time will be entertained. Requests should be made to the Vice-Captain (Noel Preston-Jones: 01822 853237) or if not contactable, the Captain (Chelsea Davis: 01752 631140). Phone calls are better than e-mails as there is no guarantee that e-mails will be read or that the request has been received.



Fewer and fewer players are staying for the prize giving at the conclusion of play on Wednesdays. It is a cause for embarrassment to the Captain to speak to a virtually empty room (with other Club members present) and all players, at the very least those in with a shout of a prize, are requested to make every possible effort to remain for the prize giving.



92/17.  DRAFT MINUTES OF VETS AGM held on 6th December 2017 can be found in the Minutes section of the Club Website. 

91/17. CHRISTMAS MEETING PHOTOS. Many thanks to Bob Griffin for taking photographs at our Christmas Meeting. They have been posted in the Gallery.

90/17. NEW COURSE RATING. Members may be interested to know that following a recent Course Rating the Standard Scratch Score for the Mens tees has increased by 1 from 71 to 72 for the White Tees and 70 to 71 for the Yellow Tees. There is no change for the Red (Ladies) Tees. The change comes into effect immediately.No doubt the Club will be publishing more details in the near future.

89/17. CONGRATULATIONS TO CHELSEA DAVIS on being elected as the 2018 Veterans Section Captain. We wish him a very successful year. With Noel Preston-Jones as his Vice Captain how can it be anything else? Be warned though, Chelsea tells us he is intending to run a Military Junta - whatever that means!

Also we welcome Terry Maber as new Committee Member and Alan Hoskin as the New Secretary. He takes over from Dennis Voisin who has been the Vets Secretary since 2006, no less that twelve years. It is impossible to give him adequate praise. He has steered the Veterans Section with great ability, tact, efficiency, hard work, dedication and wisdom and we would not have the vibrant, blossoming and enjoyable section we have today without his very considerable input. He can now relax, observe from the back benches and may even be allowed to join the Window Club. Thank you Dennis. You have been an absolute stalwart.

The full results of the Christmas Meeting golf event will be posted in the Results can be seen here. But well done to Mssrs. Frayne, Ivey, Kelly and Steen for an excellent 82 points - well clear of second place.

And well done too, to our newest member, Bob Carwithen who was nearest the pin on the 12th. I just hope he gets to enjoy his bottle of wine, unlike me who will not get the chance. I managed to drop my winnings on entry to our house breaking the bottle and depositing 750mls of red wine all over a pale green carpet! There was not much "did you have a nice day?" greeting (quite the reverse actually) and I was only rescued by Steaming Sam turning up at 8am this morning to competely remove all trace of the mishap. All I need now is for the dog to eat my Beef and that will complete the disasters.

88/17. 2018 FIXTURE LIST. The Vets 2018 Fixture list has now been finalised after a great deal of hard work and difficult negotiation by Alan Malton. Well done to him. It can be seen by clicking this link as well as on the Notice Board later today (Wed 6th).. 

83/17. DMVGA Winter Series Results So Far. Members may be aware that the DMVGA are running four team events over the Winter (although the next one is now not until 27th March which is hardly winter) and due to popular demand, Yelverton were able to get a second team into the competition. There are a total of 30 4-ball teams taking part. E.Devon is the only other club to enter two teams. Round 1 was at Holsworthy and our teams got heavily blighted by unknown road works on the way so were both running onto the first tee and apparently found a lot of long wet grass as well! Teams I and 2 managed 64 and 70 points respectively which put them in 27th and 17th places. Top score was Torquay with 85 and bottom was Downes Crediton with 46. Today at Tavistock Team 1 scored a fantastic 84 and Team 2 a very creditable 74. It is not known quite where this puts them overall but certainly much higher up. As we are fielding different players in each team on each occasion, it is the taking part rather than the winning that matters, but nevertheless, it is good to see Yelverton acquitting themselves well. Results will be posted when available.   

80/17. CONGU HANDICAP CHANGES 2018All Vets need to be aware that the CONGU Handicap Rules are changing from 1st January 2018. The main difference is that a golfing  Category 5 and 6 is being introduced to Mens Golf and the maximum Competition Handicap will go up from the current 28 to 54. There will no longer be Club/Playing handicaps. Any handicap achieved or awarded will be a Competition Handicap. Club Handicap Committees will have the authority to raise players handicaps beyond their curent 28. This is likely to happen during the annual review of Handicaps which will be completed by the New Year. When playing in Qualifying competitions, handicaps will still be adjusted upwards by 0.1 but the downward adjustment for golfers in Cat 5 or 6 will be greater. The Vets Committee will consider any imnpacts for the Section at their next Committee Meeting in January.

There should be more information published on the Club website in due course but some can be seen by clicking this link to the CONGU summary (PDF 249KB) pdf logo transparent 150x150 11

54/17. WE NEED TO DO BETTER WITH PITCH REPAIRING. Yesterday (18 Jan), I was in the penultimate group and repaired between six and twelve pitch marks on nearly every green. My partners also repaired others. In most cases these were not minor indentations, but small half golf ball sized craters. Holes where one is pitching onto the green such as the 18th, were particularly bad. On the whole, the ball was not running out on landing but stopping quickly so it must have been obvious in the conditions that a pitch mark had been made. We must do better and also avoid getting a bad reputation for this (as I understand we once did). Please do your bit and help look after the course. If we do not, it is hard to sympathise with those who moan about the state of the greens.

50/16. FREE COUNTY CARD. County Cards are now free and can be applied for via the Devon County Golf Union website. You will need to know your CDH number (Central Database of Handicaps) which you can get from Masterscoreboard or by asking the Club Secretary. The link to the Devon County Golf Union site is

General Manager

Steven West

01822 852824 Ext: 1


Claire Smith

01822 852824 Ext: 4


Tim Wilkes

01822 852824 Ext: 5


Tim McSherry

01822 852824 Ext: 3

Direct line: 01822 853593