Subcribers List

3. Veteran’s Section Hole-in-One Fund

3.1 All members may voluntarily subscribe to this fund; the Individual’s Subscription is £1. An individual will remain a member of the Fund in perpetuity unless they declare a wish to cease membership.

3.2 The Treasurer will have ‘stewardship’ of this Fund and enquire of all new members and existing members when paying their annual Vets Section subscription, whether they wish to be a member of the Hole in One Fund or not.

3.3 A member that has contributed to the current Fund that scores a Hole-in-One during a Veteran’s Day Competition staged on a Wednesday morning will receive the total amount held in that Fund at that time.

3.4 The total monies held in the current Fund will be shared by all the players that score a Hole-in-One in the same competition on the same day.

3.5 Holes in One scored on temporary greens will not qualify.

3.6 Holes in One scored in Friendly Matches or other competitions staged by the Section will not qualify.

3.7 When the Fund is claimed, the Treasurer will immediately, as a paper exercise, restore the Fund back to its original value by ring fencing money from the Veteran’s Section bank account. This can then be recovered by collecting a further £1 from all subscribing Fund members. Should the number of subscribing members be insufficient to restore the Fund back to its original size, or be in excess, the Treasurer will set a new value for the Fund; ensuring that the bank account is re-credited with the recovered contributions. It will remain a matter of the rub of the green as to the size of the Fund awarded to recipients as this will depend on the number of members subscribing.

Value of Fund at 15th March 2018 - £84

Draw Number NAME   Fee Paid
1 Tony Williams YES 
2 Paul Durling
3 David Garry YES
4 Neil Sellick YES
5 Nick Ring YES
6 Roger Mechan YES
7 Roy Kirwan-Taylor  
8 David Terry
9 John Greenwood YES
10 Spare
11 Ray Hutchison
12 George Frude
13 Peter Taylor
14 Paul Harvey YES
15 Geoff Morris
16 R J Bennett YES
17 Jon Pearn YES 
18 David Miles YES
19 Ray Bennett YES
20 Mike Ayres YES
21 Peter O'Neill YES
22 Spare
23 Richard Gard
24 Denis Voisin YES
25 Divaker Rai
26 Chelsea Davis YES
27 David Parlby YES 
28 Mike Ferris YES
29 Bill Davison YES
30 David Coombs YES
31 John Wayne
32 Keith Clench YES
33 Bill Ednie
34 Keith Marshall
35 Colin Brown
36 Colin Stockman
37 Ken Grant YES
38 Eddie Primmer YES
39 Kevin Ivey
40 Alan Malton YES
41 Christian Prosper YES
42 Steve Bryant
43 Keith Stokes YES
44 David Harris
45 Mike Martin
46 Des Palmer YES
47 Alan Hoskin YES
48 John Pritchard
49  Bryan Gullick
50  Bob Griffin YES
51 Tony Chilvers
52 Mike Godkin  
53 David Hanley YES
54 Mike Bates YES
55 Derek Maughan YES
56 John Pascoe
57 Tim Douglas-Riley YES
58 John Friend YES
59 Bob Carwithen
60 Paul Isaac YES
61 Spare
62 Andy Young YES 
63 John Goad
64 Noel Preston-Jones YES
65 Peter Davis
66 Colin Robinson
67 Pip Horsley
68 Brian Medhurst YES
69 Derek Putt YES
70 David Kelly YES
71 Graham Steen YES
72 Terry Maber
73 Ray Curran
74 Brian Wardle
75 John Adams YES
76 Graham Plumb
77 John Soutar
78 Don Read
79 Ken Wheeler YES 
80 Chris Willis
81 Tony Westacott YES
82 Rick Cheadle YES
83  Andy Hill YES
84 S Sud YES
85 David Jeremiah YES
86 Chris Pearn
87 Jon Davey 
88 Jack Bovingdon YES
89 Mike Allan YES
90 Paddy Westell YES
91 David James
92 Kevin Vince YES
93 Mike Steer YES 
94 Pete Adams YES
95 Peter Wright YES
96 Martin Blampey YES
97 Ken Elliot YES
98 Len Waterfield YES 
99 Colin Morris YES
100 David Kiver  
102 Tony Bowden  
103 Colin George  
104 Alan Macfarlane  
105 Maurice Whyte  
    Total: £84

General Manager

Colin Nolan

01822 852824 Ext: 1

Assistant - Sarah George

01822 852824 Ext: 2


Claire Smith

01822 852824 Ext: 4


Tim Wilkes

01822 852824 Ext: 5


Adam Frayne

01822 852824 Ext: 3

Direct line: 01822 853593