Yelverton Golf Club
Veterans’ Section
Constitution, Rules and Regulations

1. The Section is to be known as the Yelverton Golf Club Veterans’ Section (Vets) and will be subject to all the Rules and Regulations governing Yelverton Golf Club.

2. The Vets Section is affiliated to the Devon Men’s Veterans Golf Association (DMVGA).

3. Membership of the Vets is to be open to all male members of Yelverton Golf Club that are 60 years of age or over. On joining they will be given a Membership (or Draw) Number which is primarily used for the weekly roll-up draw. The first time a new member takes part in a weekly roll-up, they will be invited to partner the Vets’ Captain for the round. It is a fundamental principle that any member will play with any other member. There will be no pre-arranged groupings. Requests for early start times will only be granted for significant reasons such as medical appointments and not simply for convenience. Only one “early starter” per tee time will be allowed.

4. Members will pay an annual subscription of an amount to be determined by the Committee; part of this subscription will include the subscription to the DMVGA if the individual requests such membership.

5. The Object of the Section is to provide:

a. Regular competitive golf between the members with the ultimate aim of the enjoyment of those participating.

b. Organised Matches against Veteran/Seniors sections of other Clubs.

c. Entry of teams and individuals in appropriate competitions such as those organised by the DMVGA.

6. A President will be elected at the Annual General Meeting and hold that Office for as long as he and the members may wish. The President’s role is honorary and carries no specific responsibilities but is the figurehead and elder statesman of the Section and a source of guidance and advice as required.

7. The Section will be managed by a Committee which has responsibility for all Veteran Section activities. It will be made up of Officers and Members numbering no less than eight in total.

8. The Officers will be the Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary and Treasurer; they will be elected at the Annual General Meeting and will hold that office for one year only but then be eligible for re-election.

9. The Immediate Past Captain will be an automatic member of the Committee for a further year only. If the Immediate Past Captain assumes one of the Officer roles on the Committee then an extra member may be elected to ensure that there is a minimum of eight members of the Committee. Other Past Captains may be invited to remain on the Committee to perform specific roles such as Fixture Secretary or Web Site Manager.

10. The other ordinary members of the Committee will be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The newly elected Members are expected to remain on the Committee until it is their turn to become Veterans Vice-Captain and then Captain. A minimum of two ordinary members who are in the pipe line to become vice-captain must be maintained.

11. The Committee has the authority to allocate responsibilities such as Fixture Secretary, Web Site Manager, Section Photographer etc. to either Committee or non-Committee Members of the Veterans Section as they see fit.

12. The Section will hold an Annual General Meeting in December of each year and Committee meetings throughout the year as required.

13. Although decisions, actions and minor amendments to the Constitution or Competition Rules, necessary for the management of the Section, may be authorised by the committee, any changes, decisions or actions of a fundamental nature must be referred to the members at a General Meeting, or be the subject of a referendum of all the members.

14. Any proposals submitted for the consideration of the members at the AGM, or nominations for Officers or for ordinary members of the Committee must be in writing, properly Proposed and Seconded, and given to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the date of the AGM.

15. Any Special General Meeting (SGM) is to be conducted in accordance with Club Rules (twenty one days’ notice to be given of the SGM and the issue; the proposer to gain ten additional signatories for the proposal).

16. All elections and decisions on motions/proposals shall be passed by a simple majority; in the event of a tie the Captain will have a second Casting Vote.


A. Club and Vet’s Handicap Rules (PDF 340KB)pdf logo transparent 150x150 11
B. Vets’ Handicap Rules(PDF 334KKB)pdf logo transparent 150x150 11
C. Vets’ Section Golfing Activities(PDF 346KB)pdf logo transparent 150x150 11

General Manager

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