Yelverton Golf Club

Veterans’ Section

Roles and Responsibilities of the Committee

1. The Captain

1.1 The Captain’s main roles are to ensure that the Objectives of the Veteran’s Section of Yelverton Golf Club are achieved and that the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Section are applied in all the Section’s activities.

1.2 He is to call, convene and chair any meetings that are necessary for the organisation and facilitation of the Yelverton Golf Club Veteran’s Open Competition or other competitions.

1.3 The Captain is to:

a. Chair at all General Meetings and all Committee Meetings of the Section.

b. Captain all Wednesday Meetings determining the format of the competition to be played that day and overseeing the draw for playing partners.

c. Captain all Veteran’s Representative Matches.

d. Represent the Veteran’s Section as a member of the Yelverton Golf Club Captain’s Committee and be the Vets spokesman when formally called upon by the Club or other appropriate body.

1.4 With regard to Friendly Matches the Captain is to:

a. Post calling notices on the Vets notice board calling for volunteers to represent the Section in Friendly Matches and advise the website co-ordinator when this is done.

b. Select the Vets team for Friendly Matches, post the team selection on the notice board, confirm the availability of the players and pass details to the website coordinator. He should ensure that all members offering to play have an equal opportunity to do so during the year.

c. To liaise with the catering staff with regard to meal/refreshment requirements.

d. Post the match result on the notice board and inform the website coordinator of the results and individual match scores.   1.5 With regard to DMVGA affiliation, the Captain is to:

a. Appoint a Committee member as the Section’s DMVGA representative.

b. Ensure that the Veterans’ Section is represented in the DMVGA Emerton-Court Trophy competition by the appointment of an Emerton-Court Captain who will be responsible for all matters connected with that event.

1.6 With regards to members’ handicaps, the Captain is to:

a. Ensure that the playing handicaps of members meet the standards applied by Yelverton Golf Club and the English Golf Union.

b. Arranging for all issues formally raised within the Section regarding member’s playing handicaps to be appropriately resolved by the Section’s Committee; or to escalate such issues to the Club Secretary.

c. Allocate and/or confirm a handicap of new members of the Section; this may entail ensuring that the new member submits a minimum of three cards for completed rounds.

d. Encouraging members to compete in individual competitions for the allocation and/or confirmation of playing handicaps.

1.7 The Captain may delegate one or more of the above responsibilities as circumstances demand.

1.8 The Captain is the final arbiter in any dispute that can be resolved within the Vets Section.

2.  The Vice-Captain

2.1 The Vice-Captain’s main role is to assist the Captain in meeting the Objectives of the Section and to deputise for the Captain whenever necessary.

2.2 He should assist the Captain with all Wednesday competitions and in particular:

a. Record the order of play.

b. Scrutinise the score cards returned.

c. Collect and count monies.

d. Compile the Results Sheet and recommend the allocation of prize money.

e. Ensure that all results are passed to the web site coordinator for publication.

2.3 He should also:

a. Maintain the Veteran’s Section Handicap Monitor, recording amendments to the Veteran’s Handicap of each member according to the Section’s Regulations.

b. Inform the Captain of changes to Vet’s Handicaps in order that changes can be announced prior to play on each Wednesday and pass handicap changes to the web site coordinator for publication, both on the notice board and the web site.

c. Collate the scores from the monthly Individual Stableford competitions and calculate the Jim Ball point as well as the scratch and handicap eclectic scores. Additionally, he should post these scores monthly on the notice board and pass them to the website coordinator for publication.

2.4 He should carry out any other task or duty requested by the Captain.

3. The Secretary

3.1 The Secretary’s main function is to ensure that the administration of the Section is effective and efficient.   3.2 He is to arrange the Fixture List of friendly matches, competitions (Open and Closed) and other events and promulgate this to members from time to time, ensuring it is also published on the website. The Committee may appoint a specific Fixtures Secretary who will take responsible for the arrangement of the friendly matches.

3.3 He is to manage, supervise and facilitate arrangements for the Section’s Competitions; this will include:

a. Ensuring that timely calling notices for the various competitions are published and posted on notice boards and copied to the web site.

b. Collating the entries and arranging the draw or order of play. These should be promulgated to other Clubs as appropriate and posted on the notice board and website.

c. Liaison with the Club Secretary in the reservation of the Tee for Open and Closed Competitions, for Friendly Matches, and for other events.

3.4 He is also to:

a. Maintain an up-to-date list of members with their Draw Numbers and contact details and from time to time publish this list for members.

b. Produce annually and shortly after the Club’s annual review of handicaps, a list of members’ current Competition or Playing handicaps and publish this on the notice board passing a copy to the website coordinator.

c. Be custodian of Veterans’ Section Trophies (which normally are be retained in the Club Trophy Cabinet) and arrange for their engraving, as and when appropriate.

d. Carry out any other tasks or duties that are requested by the Captain or the Committee.

4. The Treasurer

4.1 The Treasurer’s main role is to assist the Captain in meeting the Objectives of the Section by managing the finances in an efficient and properly regulated manner.

4.2 He is to:

a. Ensure that sufficient funds are available for the Section’s activities.

b. Advise the Captain and Committee on the setting of all membership, entry and other fees for all activities.

c.  Advise the Captain and Committee of the financial impact of planned activity.

d. Call in and receive member’s annual subscriptions, competition entry fees, Hole-in-One Fund payments and other payments, ascertaining at the beginning of the year whether members wish to have Hole-in-One Fund and DMVGA membership or not.

e. Verify all calls on the Section’s funds and ensure payment is made when it is appropriate.

f. Maintain, in an appropriate format, a record of all income and expenditure and to prepare a financial statement for presentation at Committee Meetings and at the Annual General Meeting.

5. The Committee Members’ Roles

5.1 To assist the Captain in meeting the Objectives of the Section and in the facilitation of its activities.

5.2 To attend all meetings of the Committee and to actively engage in any debate on matters considered and to contribute to the business of the management of the Section.

5.3 To ensure that all Committee tasks are allocated to specific individuals.

5.4 Establish sub-committees as required for the management of specific events such as the Open Meeting, Summer Meeting and BBQ etc.

5.5 To solicit and encourage comment and feedback from members to ensure they are satisfied that the activities of the Section are contributing to the achievement of the Section’s Objectives.

5.6 To assist the other Officers of the Section.

5.7 To deputise or act for Officers of the Section when called on to do so and undertake such duties or functions that are required.

5.8 Recommend to the membership at the AGM proposed fees for:

a. Annual subscriptions.

b. Weekly roll-up fees including 2’s sweepstake and other contributions.

6. Veterans’ Website

6.1 The Veterans’ Section should have a dedicated web site which will be a subsidiary site of the main YGC site.

6.2 In line with trends in society, the Veterans’ Section should embrace the value of electronic communication and aim to encourage as many members as possible to use electronic systems for matters relating to the Section.

6.3 The web site should aim to replicate, and in some case improve upon, the Veteran’s Section Notice Boards. It should not replace the need for notices to be displayed on Notice Boards as not all Section members will have access to the web site or e-mails and these members must not be disadvantaged.

6.4 One of the Committee members will be tasked as web site co-ordinator.

6.5 The co-ordinator is to be responsible for maintaining the web site, keeping it current and ensuring its continuous development.

6.6 It is to be managed in accordance with the rules pertaining to the main YGC web site.

6.7 It is to be updated through the YGC web manager (currently Keith Parriss).

6.8 The site should publish:

a. Key documents such as the Constitution, Roles and Responsibilities, Competition Regulations and Committee details.

b. Fixtures, results, winnings, Vets Handicap changes, notices and any other information thought to be of interest to members.

6.9 The coordinator is to be additionally responsible for placing hard copies of weekly winnings and Vets handicap changes on the Notice Boards.

6.10 The web is to be the definitive record archive for key documents such as the Constitution, Committee Roles and Competition Rules. The co-ordinator will be responsible for their updating with changes approved by the Committee, by AGMs or by Section referenda.

General Manager

Steven West

01822 852824 Ext: 1


Claire Smith

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Tim Wilkes

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Tim McSherry

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Direct line: 01822 853593