Tribute to the South West Winter Foursomes

This week the Tribute South West Winter Foursomes competition at Yelverton arrived at the pointed end with the semi-finalist being decided. Blue skies, temperatures below double figures and a wind, which made it feel like winter had really arrived, made tricky conditions for all competitors. First on the tee was the talented Teignmouth pairing of Dave Best & Dave Henson who were taking on local pairing from Tavistock Jamie Ninnis and Alan Gawman. Jamie is a junior with a very bright future while Alan’s experience is vast. It was however the Teignmouth team who took full advantage and ran out winners by an impressive 6&4. Next up was the Yelverton pair of Simon Murray & Anthony Murray. Their opponents were another Yelverton team of Andy Price & Clive O’Sullivan. This was a very close contest indeed and was only decided on the 20th hole with a win for the Team Murray. The winners from last year, Ian Scott & John Soutar took on Andy Hill & Bryan Gullick. Both pairs from Yelverton had good course knowledge and were equally matched. It was however Andy & Bryan who took full advantage and ran in 5&3 winners ending the hopes of retaining the title for their partners. Completing the line-up for these quarterfinals was Kevin Blaber & Lee Lawson who were playing another Yelverton pair of Mike Phillips & Lance Doggart. Kevin & Lee make a formidable pair with their match play experience in the Plymouth area league and they put this to good effect running out 7&5 winners.

Tribute South West Winter Foursomes Semi-finalists are: Dave Best & Dave Henson (Teignmouth) v Simon Murray & Anthony Murray (Yelverton); Andy Hill & Bryan Gullick (Yelverton) v Kevin Blaber & Lee Lawson (Yelverton).

Report Compiled by: Gary Hulbert


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