Staddon reach the Heights – 3 August 2018

Going in to the last Plymouth Area League match of this season saw Yelverton Golf Club trailing Staddon Heights by 3½ points at the top of the league table. So a slim but at least a chance to grasp the title from Staddon. Yelverton’s last match was at home against Boringdon and the strength of teams underlined the importance of this fixture. The first three matches went all the way with Yelverton being the victors. Hopes were quickly dashed though with a loss in game four and as every point was crucial it was down to Yelverton’s last pair. Yelverton’s team captain, Bernie Pennington, deliberately chose this pairing knowing their ‘never say die’ attitude and sure enough they brought back full points for their team. With Yelverton taking the overall win they were still to fall just ½ point short of taking the league title from Staddon who lost their last match to Tavistock.

Team result: Yelverton 4 v 1 Boringdon
Cooper & Millar won 2&1; O’Sullivan & Price won 1up; Arundel & Lawson won 1up; Mallafre & Richardson lost 7&6; Blaber & Hyslop won 4&3

Report by:
Gary Hulbert
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