The Pounders meet twice-weekly on a Tuesday and Thursday.  The format of the Tuesday competition is generally a stableford 3BBB team event with two out of three to score.  The competition on a Thursday is based on 3 ball teams but to add some fun to the event the Captain will introduce a variety different playing formats throughout the year.


The entry fee for each competition is £1.20 - £1 towards the prize fund whilst the 20p is divided equally between those scoring a 2 on the day.  To ensure that the bandits can’t win all the prizes an internal system of handicap reductions is operated based on financial winnings.  For every £1 won 0.1 is deducted from an individual’s club handicap starting at the beginning of the year to form a ‘Pounders Handicap’. For guests and those who cannot play regularly a handicap reduction based on a simple formula will be applied by Pounders officials.  The Pounders always look forward to gathering in the Clubhouse on completion of play to swap stories of their own golfing exploits on the course and for the award of day’s prizes.

Individual competitions are normally played on the second Tuesday in each month and are played in either a Medal, Bogey or Stableford format (see Pounders’ Competitions Page).  In line with standard club competitions some of these events are played from white tees and are recognized as qualifiers for handicap purposes.  In addition there is the Pounders Ryder Cup Competition (Captain’s Team Vs Vice-Captain’s Team) and a Pairs Competition.  The golfing year culminates with the Christmas Competition followed by the Pounders’ Christmas Lunch.  A number of other special annual prizes are awarded at the Christmas celebration.  Qualifying scores for these competitions are taken for all matches played up to the last Tuesday/Thursday before 1st December each year. These are:

* An Eclectic Competition (best score on each hole factored by current Pounders handicap on every individual competition played during the year)
* The Most Unfortunate Pounder (awarded to the Pounder who has been on the losing side the most number of times)
* The Unluckiest Pounder (awarded to the Pounder who has been on the losing side at least three times but whose individual score for the losing side is on average the highest)
* The Most Successful Pounder (awarded to the Pounder who has won the most money in the qualifying period)
* Pounder of the Year (Captain’s nomination awarded to the Pounder who has made the biggest contribution to the Pounders in the current year)

The Pounders also organize away-days and enter groups in the various Open Competitions at Golf Clubs across Devon and Cornwall.  Numbers taking part are of course driven by availability at each event and interest within the membership. 


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