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An outstanding opportunity to learn and develop a new skill offering amazing value all year round.

Golf is an excellent pastime for young people of all ages. In addition to the obvious benefits of an active lifestyle, golf remains a sport where good behaviour and sportsmanship are still expected and valued. Learning and playing in this environment helps to develop important skills such as team spirit, self-discipline, honesty and respect; which will remain with our young people for life.

At Yelverton we have always been proud of our Junior Section, where many of our older members first began their golf. We provide a friendly and safe environment where young people of all ages can learn and develop their golf. We have a shorter (9 hole) Academy Course where beginners of all ages can hone their skills before progressing to our Ladies’ and Men’s tees.

We appoint a Junior Captain each year, who has a “Drive In” at the beginning of the golf season, just like our Club Captain and Ladies’ Captain.

We currently have a healthy number of children and young adults in our Junior Section, and we are always pleased to discuss Junior golf with anyone who is interested in our Tasters, Coaching or membership.

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Unfortunately we are closed again. This includes all practice facilities and short course area. Please follow the rules and keep yourself safe
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