Pace of Play Policy

For some time Members and the Committee have been concerned about the pace of both Competitive and General play at the Club.

Slow play can detract from the enjoyment of golf for many players at any level.  Few golfers are heard to complain about play being too quick!

The responsibility falls on both the Club and Players to make sure a sensible pace of play is achieved.

Play has been monitored and a number of steps have been agreed to improve playing rates in both Competitive and General play.  The Committee has conducted a study into the amount of time a 3-ball should take and concluded that a round should take a maximum of 3hours 40 minutes.  (The R&A guideline is that 3-balls should take no more than 3 hours 30 minutes.)

In addition the General Manager now goes out on the Course and monitors pace of play.

Club Policy:  Based on R&A and England Golf guidelines.
•    Issue Pace of Play Guidelines to every Player.
•    A 3 hours 40 minutes maximum target for competitive 3-ball play.  
•    Incorporate starter’s gaps during the day to prevent overloading and allow for clearance of any delays that have arisen.
•    Competitors are required to record the time that they leave the 18th Green on their cards.
•    Committee to continue to monitor and identify slow players, and take appropriate action.
•    Encourage Members to report any blatant slow play, in writing to the General Manager, in order for appropriate action to be taken.

Pace of Play Guidelines
These guidelines are to remind every player what they can do to reduce their round time, which in essence are:
•    3 hours 40 minutes is the maximum target for competitive 3-ball play.
•    If you keep up with the game in front, you cannot be accused of slow play.
•    Be ready to play your shot / putt.  While exercising due consideration for other players in your group, put your glove on, check your yardage, pick your club or line up your putt while others are playing.
•    When approaching the green, speed up your exit by positioning your bags on the way to the next tee.
•    Move off the putting green as soon as your group has putted out; mark the scorecard at or on the way to the next tee box.
•    Always play a provisional ball if you believe your ball may be lost outside of a water hazard or out of bounds.
•    Once it is clear that a ball cannot be easily found, call the next group through; do not wait 5 minutes.
•    Be aware of your position with regard to the group in front and keep up with that group.
•    If you feel that your group is losing ground, tell the other players in your group and try to catch up.
•    If you lose ground and are delaying the group behind, or if there is no group in front and you are delaying the group behind, invite the group behind to play through.
•    In Men’s competitions, Competitors are to record the time that they leave the 18th Green on the top of their cards.

General Manager

Steven West

01822 852824 Ext: 1


Claire Smith

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Tim Wilkes

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Adam Frayne

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Direct line: 01822 853593