On Course Safety

It is the Duty of each player to ensure as far as is practicable, their own safety and that of other golfers, walkers and horse riders who may be on the golf course.

1) Danger from Wayward Golf Balls
 (a) Follow the Etiquette of Golf
 (b) Be aware of the 13th Green when driving from the 2nd tee
 (c) Be aware of the 16th Green when driving from the 15th tee
 (d) Be aware of the road on the left when playing the 14th hole
 (e) Be ware of the cycle path to the left of the 17th fairway and green

2) Danger from Slipping
a) When the ground is wet or frosty, the player should not ascend or descend naturally steep slopes if there is an alternative route.
b) On artificial banks use the steps/paths provided or walk round them and move onto the playing area from level ground.
c) When attempting to recover balls from ravines or leats, the player should stand on firm and as level ground as possible and not try to recover balls that are beyond their reach.
(d) Ensuring spikes are clean of dirt and of ice build up in wet and frost conditions

3) The club has no objection to any golfer carrying a mobile phone on the course to use in case of emergencies.

4) All players are reminded that others who use the moor may not always appreciate or be aware of the dangers when walking or riding on or near the golf course. The onus is on the golfer to ensure no one is near or within range of their golf ball before playing their shot.

5) Lightning.
With a risk of lightning, play must stop immediately, whether the klaxon has been sounded or not.

6) Fog
Play should not commence unless you can see the first green from the first tee. If you are unable to see where the ball is likely to land, do not play your shot. The fact that the course has not been officially closed does not mean it is fit for play. Players have both a legal and moral duty of care not to behave in such a way that others may be injured by their actions.

The club will not accept any liability (in negligence or otherwise) arising from any member or third party acting or failing to act on the information contained in this card.

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