Handicaps & Competitions Notice No. 31

Handicaps & Competitions Updates

Rules Modernisation - the new Rules come in to effect on 1st January 2019. You can browse the details on the R&A website.

England Golf are holding a Rules Workshop at St. Mellion on the evening of 8th November, after which clubs will be provided with familiarisation packs. The Club will be represented at the Workshop by Chris Longden, George Rumbold, Terry Gibson and Colin Nolan.

The Club then intends to run a series of presentations to inform members about the new Rules, details to follow.

Player’s Editions of the new Rules are available for members from the office. They include diagrams and charts to visually explain the Rules, so please pick one up.

Retention of Competition Handicap - to retain a ‘Competition Handicap’ with a ‘c’ annotation, players are required to return a minimum of 3 Qualifying Scores in the calendar year, which could be 18 or 9-hole competitions or Supplementary scores.

If you haven't managed to submit 3 cards so far this year, please try to do so, as this will eliminate the need to submit 3 cards next year to regain a Competition Handicap.

Please contact me if ill health or injury has precluded someone from returning sufficient scores.

Temporary Local Rule - 11th Hole Water Hazard

Will remain until the necessary clearance of gorse and bramble from the sides of the area in front and behind of the leat have been removed. Drop Zone provided.

Handicaps & Competitions Minutes

Further information can be viewed in meeting minutes on the website.

Colin Nolan
General Manager
2nd November 2018

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