Handicaps & Competitions Notice No. 30

Handicaps & Competitions Updates

Competition Rules & Guidance
This document, in 10 Parts, has been reviewed and updated to reflect 2018 changes to the Handicapping System, revised Standard Scratch Scores following the 2017 course rating and related procedural amendments.
The document is now available here and in hard copies, which have been placed in both the Men’s and Ladies Locker rooms.
Please report any errors or omissions to the General Manager.

Club Website Update - Competitions Tab
The Competitions tab has been updated to include revised Competition Rules & Guidance, Rules Modernisation, World Handicap System and a rearrangement of some of the information.        
We would welcome your feedback, so please visit it, have a look around and if you have any ideas to improve it, please let us know.

Rescheduled Competitions
Throughout the year a number of Competitions are played in conjunction with Monthly Medals & Stablefords and are one day events.
Two of these Mens competitions, the Rowse and Berven Cups, have already been affected by the very wet weather conditions.
As a result the following competitions have been rescheduled:



Associated Competition

28 April


Berven Cup - Best 16 Nett Scores play 18 Hole Match Play ko.

17 June


Merrivale Cup - Best 8 Nett Scores of players handicap 18 and below play 18 Hole Match Play ko.

30 June


Rowse Cup - Best Nett score.

29 July


Rock Bowl - Best 2 Nett Scores play 18 Hole Match Play ko.

Temporary Local Rule - 11th Hole Water Hazard
Will remain until the necessary clearance of gorse and bramble from the sides of the area in front and behind of the leat have been removed. Drop Zone provided.

Further information can be viewed in the 27th March meeting minutes.

Steve West
General Manager
24 April 2018

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