Handicaps & Competitions Notice No. 27

Yelverton Standard Scratch Scores (SSSs)

The course was re-rated to the USGA Rating System by Devon in late September.

As a result we have recently been notified that the SSSs for Men’s White and Yellow tees have both increased by 1 shot to 72 and 71 respectively. The Ladies Red tee SSS remains at 74.

This means that the SSS in Men’s Stableford competitions will now be 35 points, with Ladies remaining at 35 points.

Copies of the England Golf Certificate of SSS have been placed on Noticeboards.

Master Scoreboard has been updated to take account of these changes.

We currently have around 15,000 score cards in stock, which we will continue to use. The SSSs will be updated at the next reprint.

If anyone has any queries or needs clarification, please contact either Steve West or George Rumbold.

Steve West
General Manager
11 December 2017

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