Handicaps & Competitions Notice No. 26

Handicapping Changes 2018

Changes to the CONGU Unified Handicapping System (UHS) have recently been announced. These come into effect on the 1st of January 2018,.

The most significant change is the retirement of “Club Handicaps”, which will replaced by a new Category 5 (28.5 to 36.4) for Men and Category 6 (36.5 to 54.0) for both Men and Women, providing for a maximum handicap of 54.0 for all golfers.
Players will not be able to refuse an increase in handicap from scores returned in qualifying competitions and, as normal, all Members playing performance and Handicap will be considered as part of the Annual Review process.

Rules for Supplementary Scores will be relaxed to allow an unlimited number of score submissions per year and removal of the restriction of one per week. However, the restriction on Category 1 players remains.

England Golf have also issued some guidance in the shape of Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.

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If anyone has any queries or needs clarification, please contact either Steve West or George Rumbold.

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General Manager
19 November 2017

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