Handicaps & Competitions Notice No. 25

Retention of Competition Handicap

To retain a ‘Competition Handicap’ with a ‘c’ annotation players are required to return a minimum of 3 Qualifying Scores the calendar year, which could be 18-hole competitions, 9-hole or Supplementary scores.

If a player fails to meet this minimum requirement of Qualifying Scores in any calendar year the Competition Handicap status is lost. The message is, if you haven't managed to submit 3 cards this year, please try to do so before 31 December 17.

Please see current “Non-Competition” Handicap List on Noticeboards and here (PDF 94KB). pdf logo transparent 150x150 11
Members with a Non-competition Handicap may play in a Competition, and whilst they can win subsidiary prizes (e.g. 2’s sweep), they cannot win any competition prizes.

Please contact me if ill health or injury has precluded someone from returning sufficient scores.

If anyone has any queries / concerns, please contact Steve West.

Steve West
General Manager
23 August 2017

General Manager

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