Handicaps & Competitions Notice No. 21

Competition Handicaps

The Annual Handicap Review is underway and it is readily apparent that a significant number of Members have not returned the minimum 3 Qualifying Scores, which are required to retain a Competition ‘c’ handicap.

Members have until 31st December 2016 to meet the 3 score requirement and can do so by returning Supplementary Scores, which can be played over either 18 or 9 (1st to 9th) holes.

A Member intending to return a Supplementary Score is required to record their intention prior to commencement of play by singing-in on the Supplementary Scores book.

If a player fails to meet this minimum requirement, their Competition ‘c’ Handicap status is lost, but can be regained by submitting 3 qualifying scores which could be 18 hole competitions, nine-hole competitions or Supplementary Scores.

Steve West
General Manager
6 December 2016

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