Handicaps & Competitions Notice No. 20

Hole in One Fund

The club have a fund that enables Members, who have a hole in one in either competi-tive or general play, to celebrate with their partners and other players, £1 payable at the bar.

When a Member who subscribes to the fund has a hole in one, witnessed and verified by at least one other Member, they can order drinks (not “off sales”) up to the amount in the fund.

All players then have to re-subscribe to top up the fund.

Also, if you are registered in the England Golf Handicap & Benefits programme, and you score a hole-in-one you are invited to enter England Golf’s monthly free prize draw.  The winner receives a dozen golf balls from their sponsor, TaylorMade - adidas Golf.

You can register by accessing

Once registered you can also print off your Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) card with your unique CDH number, which allows all England Golf affiliated clubs to access your current playing handicap and eliminates the need to carry a handicap certificate for social golf or competitions away from your Home club.

Steve West
General Manager
30 October 2016

General Manager

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