Handicaps & Competitions Notice No. 19

Handicaps & Competitions Updates

Competition Rules & Guidance
Following an extensive review and update, this re-written document is now available to inform Members about the many aspects of competitions held at YGC.

Hard copies have been placed in both the Men’s and Ladies locker rooms.

Please report any errors or omissions to the General Manager.

Continuous Handicap Review

One of the principal changes in the 2016 revision of the Unified Handicapping Scheme was the introduction of Continuous Handicap Review.  This is a process to flag players with 7 consecutive 0.1 handicap increases so that Handicap Committees can review and apply an immediate handicap increase, if required.

This is achieved via a computer generated report.

Now that we have sufficient data, the Handicap & Competitions Committee are now reviewing the reports and the performance of flagged players at the end of each month and giving due consideration to applying a handicap increase, if required.

Local Rules

In preparation for the next print run of score cards, the existing Local Rules had been reviewed and an amendment made to clarify Rule 4b, which reads “All stone walls and any artificial stacked turf faces in bunkers are an ‘integral part’ of the course”.


Further information can be viewed in the 19th September meeting minutes.

Steve West
General Manager
23 September 2016

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