Handicaps & Competitions Notice No. 18

Qualifying Competitions - Some Observations and Guidance

There is a trend forming of - disqualifications, No Returns, No Scorecard Returned, No shows and Slow Play, which the Sec is dealing with on a case-by case basis.  
The aim of this Notice is to bring Members attention to the accepted processes for entering and playing in competitions.

Disqualifications - the most common reasons for disqualification in Stroke Play are - no Handicap recorded Rule 6-2b and not signing card - Rule 6-6b.  Please take care when completing and posting your Returns.  It would be a pity to see all that good work on the golf course undone by an oversight.

No Returns - given that we play a lot more Stableford than Medal golf, it is understandable when a player fails to score at one or more holes in a Medal.  However, the score needs to be recorded for handicap purposes.  Don’t forget that a Nett Double Bogey Adjustment applies on such occasions.

No scorecard returned - All competitors in Qualifying Competitions have a responsibility to ensure that all competition cards are returned, whether or not complete, and entered on the computer.  Whilst Players who discontinue play for good reason are the exceptions, entrants who persistently fail to return score cards could have their handicap suspended.

Late withdrawals and No Shows - there may be the odd occasion when players for exceptional reasons find they can’t make their start time, however, they should inform Pro Shop as soon as possible.  Both late withdrawals and no shows deprive other Members from using that booked tee time space.  So please think of others and ensure, well in advance, that you are able to play at the time specified, otherwise please withdraw as soon as possible to allow others to take up the time slot.

Slow Play - Slow play can detract from the enjoyment of golf for many players at any level.  Recently 3 Members have been warned about slow play in a Qualifying competition.  We already have a Pace of Play Policy and guidelines in place for competitive golf (displayed on Noticeboards and the website) and a Course Marshal to monitor and implement it during Saturday competitions.  Generally, if you keep up with the game in front, you cannot be accused of slow play.  We will also shortly be launching a “Ready Golf” initiative to cover general play.

If we pay attention to the points raised above, we can all enjoy our golf more and cut down on unnecessary administration.  Your help and support would be much appreciated.

Steve West
General Manager
3 August 2016

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