Handicaps & Competitions Notice No. 17

9-Hole Qualifying Scores - commencing Monday 1st August 2016

The CONGU UHS provides the facility for a Golf Club to run 9-Hole Qualifying Competitions and Supplementary Scores.  
Due to increasing demands on their working and family life, a number of Members, may be unable to play 18-hole Qualifying Competitions frequently enough to estab-lish and maintain a handicap representative of their potential ability.
At other clubs, 9-Hole Qualifying Scores are proving to be particularly attractive to clubs and their Members in summer evenings and in the restricted daylight hours of winter weekends.  They are also the means by which a greater number of senior golfers are making returns for handicap purposes.

At our request England Golf have issued 9-Hole Standard Scratch Score for holes 1 to 9 and 10 to 18, for White, Yellow and Red tees.
At this stage we intend to use holes 1 to 9 played from Yellow and Red tees.  (You can continue to play as many holes as you wish, when you have completed you 9-Hole card).


The format for 9-Hole Qualifying Competitions (and Supplementary Scores) is Stableford.  A ‘neutral’ 18 points for the 9 holes not played is added to the 9-Hole Sta-bleford score to determine whether players have played within, or better than, their Buffer Zones.  For Handicap Record purposes, when a player fails to return a score within their Buffer Zone the points accumulated over the nine holes played is dou-bled.  This provides a realistic indication of ability for handicap review.
Note: A Qualifying Competition over 9 holes cannot be part of an 18-hole Qualifying Competition.

Standard Scratch Scores

The YGC designated 9-Hole Course Standard Scratch Scores are set out below and  are expressed as an 18-hole value.

Tees Holes Par SSS
Yellow (Men) 1-9 72 70
Red (Ladies) 1-9 74 74

Handicap Allowance

9-Hole scorecards have been produced and Handicap strokes must be taken ac-cording to the Stroke Index for the 9-Hole Course.
A Nine-Hole Competition Handicap Allowance must be calculated as follows:
[Exact Handicap + Nine-Hole SSS – (Nine-Hole Par x2)] / 2
For example, if the player has an Exact Handicap of 12.8 and the Nine-Hole SSS and Par are 70 and 72 respectively the Nine-Hole Competition Handicap Allowance is:
[12.8 + 70 – (36 x2)] / 2= [12.8 + 70 – 72] / 2 = 5.4 rounded to 5.
However, to save you the bother of calculating your 9-hole Handicap allowance, copies of 9-Hole Handicap Conversion Tables are held in the Pro Shop, namely, Par-2 = SSS for Men and Par = SSS for Ladies.

Buffer Zones
A Competition Scratch Score is not calculated and the following Buffer Zones apply to Qualifying Scores over 9-Holes:

Handicap Category Buffer Zone (Stableford Points)
1 36
2 & 3 35-36
4, 5 & Club 34-36

Supplementary Scores

A Member intending to return a 9-Hole Supplementary Score is required to record his intention prior to commencement of play in the Supplementary Scores book, in-dicating that they intend return a 9-Hole card.  They Player should pick up their Scorecard at the Pro Shop, and check their Handicap on the appropriate Conver-sion Table.

9-Hole Qualifying Competitions

Players should pay their entry fees, pick up their Scorecard and check their Handi-cap on the appropriate Conversion Table.

We intend to initially run with Supplementary Scores and later try some 9-Hole competitions, most likely in conjunction with a Captain’s evening.  We can then as-sess demand and take it from there.

We have tried and tested the 9-Hole process, and set up a 9-Hole course on Master Scoreboard, however, as with anything new we expect that there may be the odd teething troubles as we adapt to this new way of playing the game.  If there are any queries, questions or initial problems, please let me know.

Steve West
General Manager
28 July 2016

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