Fairway Mats
Monday 13th Janaury 2020
Members Only
Diary Event

From Monday 13th January we will be re-introducing the Fairway Mats for general play on the golf course. The recent weather has been difficult for everyone as we try to maximise the golfing opportunities for members. These?same mats were introduced a number of years ago to limit the damage done by divots both on and off the fairway. We would like to restart the programme this year and moving forwards into future winter periods.

The Proposal is as follows:
1. Although it is not compulsory to use these mats, we would encourage you to do so, as it will help limit damage whilst you are?playing a friendly game. You can effectively?agree the terms you are playing under amongst your playing group/partners.
2. The mats will be located next to the 1st tee for you to take out onto the golf course, when you have completed your round please return it to the bin provided for others to use.
3. The mats over time may curl a little, you may need to try and correct this by bending in the opposite direction.
4. Our suggestion is to move the ball 2/3 of the way to the front of the mat (see above). The mat does stay in place even if you hit it a little heavy when striking the ball.
5. Pitching and chipping may be a little different but a little practice you can get use to the surface and strike.
6. These mats can be used in the “General Area”, previously “Through the Green” as much as you like when you are playing social golf. They would not be allowed for qualifying competitions.
7. Finally, it is early days, please work with us on this matter, constructive feedback will be appreciated.

Regards Garry Foster & Colin Nolan

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26.02.2020 08:18
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A fresh winters day ahead for Wednesday. Greens cut and all in play except for holes 7 to 10 that remain closed
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