Chairman's Report
September 2019
Members Only
Diary Event

This is the first of what will be bi-monthly briefings to members on issues affecting the administration of the Club.

The Course - I am sure you will agree that the course is in excellent condition, possibly the best it has been for many years. Garry and his team are to be congratulated and we should be ever-mindful of the work they do to enable us to enjoy our golf.
From the various societies, visiting teams and individual visitors we have received many plaudits over the summer about the quality and condition of the course. The more the word gets around how good it is, coupled with the excellent hospitality in the clubhouse, the more we are likely to see the important contribution to our income that societies and visitors can make.

Membership – Yes once again we saw a significant number of people choose not to renew their membership in May. Sarah did a great job speaking to them to find out why they were leaving. Some decisions were due to age, ill health or moving away from the area. The vast majority however, were related to time considerations. The amount of time needed to be set aside to play a round these days or the amount of free time restricting how many times a year they could play.
We lost over 50 Full and Intermediate members at renewal but the club’s renewed reputation has produced a good number of new members, including 9 in August alone. We are still down on budgeted numbers so as a consequence subscription income is down about £15,000 from where we wanted to be.

Societies and Visitors – as a counter to the membership trend we have seen improved income from societies and visitors. Income from these sources is 30% up on last year.

Bar and Catering – increased visitor numbers, external functions, fewer days lost to the weather and the general level of membership spend have helped the recovery on bar and catering. Catering income is 8% up on budget and the bar is some 20% up.

Financial Issues – Colin has been doing much work reviewing contracts and fixed costs generally. This has resulted in him securing savings in a number of areas with savings for a full year projected to be about £12,000. As Chair I have initiated discussions with our landlord’s agent to try and secure a reduction in our rent liability and those discussions continue.
The situation however remains that our outgoings continue to keep us under pressure and we continue to trade at a deficit (around £18,000 at the end of July). There are however measures being considered to address this and Richard Price will expand on this in his presentation in October. Cashflow has been a particular concern this year with the impact of the poor performance last year being compounded by unexpected capital expenditure required during the current year. We have been forced to renew kitchen equipment for health and safety reasons. Rather than go for a stop-gap solution that could have materially impacted on the catering performance, we have invested in the future with a state-of-the-art cooker to replace the old gas cookers. Fridge-freezers have also failed and been replaced.
On the course we have acquired a new “pooh picker” to clear the fairways each day. This has made a significant saving in man hours to do this job enabling Garry to marshal his team onto other important aspects of the course maintenance.

In conclusion, we continue to have challenges and the financial position is not yet where we expect it will be by the year end. We are however starting to see the benefits of the initiatives developed for marketing the club and the pricing strategy on green fees.

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20.09.2019 09:28
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Bright and breezy out here today. No more planned maintenance work to the course today so full greens all in play
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