Guest Day
Saturday 10th August
Members Only
Diary Event

Firstly, I must thank everyone who played for inviting a guest to the club, what was particularly satisfying was the weather forecast being dire leading up to the event, yet everyone turned up to play. In the end it was the rain and not the wind which caused most of the problems.

Some of the showers were brutal late on in the afternoon and will have affected the putting surfaces, I appreciate those players at the end of the field soldering on and getting the event finished. In fact, the winning pair played at the end of the field and there were a number of other good scores at that time.

1st- Roy Nicholl & Denis Whiting (Staddon) 42 points £50 each
2nd-Kevin Anderton & Andrew Field (Staddon) 41 points (last 6) £45 each
3rd- Des Carty & Conner Warren (Staddon) 41 points (last 9) £40 each
4th-Tony Richardson & Steve Elston (Laun'ton)41 points (last 9) £35 each
5th-Joshua Reeday & Keith Puzey (Staddon) 41 points (last 9) £30 each
6th-Stephen Legassick & Mark Birch (Bor'don) 41 points (last 9) £25 each
7th-Joel Bate & Thomas Smith (China Fleet) 40 points (last 9) £20 each

There were 8 pairs who registered a “2” with £28.50 per “2”
Des Carty (2)
Ian Verner (2)
Haydn Jenkins
Josh Reeday
S Seward
M Chapman

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40mm+ of rain but the greens are good. Lots of water in bunkers so be aware of casual water or gur relief
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