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The golf course location on Dartmoor can create occasions when the fog descends quickly at times when you least expect it, the two key thoughts in these conditions are:

1. Can I see the pin on the 1st green from the hut behind the teeing area, If I can't then it's not safe to start my round of golf ans I will just have to wait?

2. If the fog descends when you are on the course you have a duty of care to other golfers and users of the moor who may be in range not to hit shots when you cannot see where the ball will land.

The Club will look to close the course when these conditions develop by driving out to the area around the 4th green and sounding a long single blast from a klaxon. There will be times out of office hours when these conditions will prevail and you as a golfer will need to make that judgement call. Your insurance at the club will cover you for an errant shot but not for being reckless and playing dangerously.

Regards Colin Nolan (General Manager)

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40mm+ of rain but the greens are good. Lots of water in bunkers so be aware of casual water or gur relief
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