Match Play Competition Rules

1. Competition Entry:
a. Entry fees for Match Play competitions must be paid at the time of entry.
b. All participants must have a “Competition” Handicap.

2. All Knock-out competitions must be played from the White tees for Men and Red for Ladies, unless otherwise stated. Competitive matches have priority on the 1st Tee and on the Course, where normal pace of play etiquette and courtesies apply.  Winter competitive matches have no precedence on the 1st tee and thereafter, normal pace of play etiquette and courtesies apply.

3. Responsibility for playing matches:-
a. The onus is on all players to acquaint themselves with the Draw sheet.
b. The player(s) whose name(s) appear as the top name(s) of the match shall be the Challenger(s) and will contact the opponent(s) within 7 days of either the draw being posted, or the start date for the next round.  The Challenger(s) shall offer the opponent(s) at least 3 dates, not to be consecutive and not to be within one week, but one of which must be a Saturday or Sunday. Failure to do so may render the challenger(s) liable to disqualification.  Although the Challenger has the prime responsibility for arranging the dates, sitting back and waiting for a challenge is not acceptable behaviour.  If the ‘Challenged’ player has not been contacted within 7 days of either the draw being posted, or from the completion date of the previous round, he should contact the Challenger, to arrange a suitable date.
c. In the event of it not being possible for players to arrange to play during the time stipulated for the round, the player(s) arriving on the 1st tee, ready to play, at 3.00 p.m. on the last day shall have the option of claiming the match; provided this is done in person and in writing at the time, addressing the claim to the Club Secretary.  In the absence of any such written claim the Handicaps and Competitions Sub-Committee will eliminate both the challenger(s) and the challenged.  If neither players attempt to make contact, both challenger and challenged will be disqualified.

4. Please familiarise yourself with the Challenge Rules. Please do not enter, if you are not prepared to be flexible about dates/times.  No extension of time will be allowed for individual matches unless the course is closed on the weekend of the limit date when the Handicaps and Competitions Sub-Committee may allow an additional 1 weeks for completion of that and subsequent rounds.

5. The “Honour” is with the competitor(s) whose name(s) is highest on the competition draw list.

6. A match which ends “All Square” should be played-off hole by hole until one side wins a hole.  The play-off should start at the hole where the match began, strokes being given or received as for the match.  Players should proceed directly from the last hole to the play-off.

7. Winners of matches are responsible for writing their name(s) in the next round, failure to do so may render the winner ineligible for the next round.

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General Manager
11th October 2015

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