It’s a War Zone Out There

Just days after the last session, the leat clearing project continued and again threw up its surprises. This was the third session of a tranche of four with the last one for this year being on Wednesday 12th December. You may recall that last time our work around the 11th tee area revealed a driver well this time it again came up with the unexpected, a golf shoe! Who knows what will be found on the December session and I dread to think. However if you should see someone with half a set of golf clubs and limping due to the lack of a shoe then let us know as we can reunite them with the missing items.

You’ve may have heard of the term ‘theatre of war’, well when you look at Colin Nolan’s face you could be excused for believing that he had been in a battle. Not holding back Colin was determined to rip out every offending bush and restore the area back to its original beauty. With success, which is plain for all to see, the area was completed so it’s onwards and upwards for the next stretch of leat.

If you are interested in helping out on the next session no matter how much or how little you think you can offer then please come along and meet at the carpark just uphill from the Skylark Inn at Clearbrook: Next ‘Help the Course’ date: 12th Dec 2018 @ 10:00

leat clearing

Photos: Colin Nolan sporting injuries & Jane Hulbert sporting golf shoe

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