Handicaps & Competitions Notice No.6

CONGU Handicap Appeals Procedure

A member who receives a handicap adjustment under Review of Handicaps (Clause 23) or has a Suspension / Loss of Handicap (Clause 24) under the CONGU Unified Handicapping System (UHS) may appeal against the decision under the following guidelines.

Grounds for appeal:

Unfair Sanction.
Serious irregularity in process.
Error of fact.

Steps to a resolution:

Home Club discuss with player and try to resolve without formal appeal.

If not resolved informally, the player must appeal in writing, within 14 days of receipt of notification of the adjustment, to the club Handicapping Committee explaining their reasons for appealing against the decision.

If the Handicap Committee does not support the appeal, the player must make a Formal appeal in writing to County Union/ Area Authority.  If the Handicap Committee do not support the appeal, they must send a copy of the player’s playing history (including club match play competition results), a copy of any correspondence between the member and the club, and submit these together with the reasons for the adjustment to the County Union/Area Authority for further consideration.

The County Union/ Area Authority will deal with the appeal, under their discipline procedure, by considering all known facts and do one of the following: (a) Write to the club with their decision, plus a copy to the member. (b) If uncertain submit details of the appeal to England Golf.  The County Union/Area Authority shall only overturn a decision made by the club handicapping committee if they consider that the actions of the club were not in accordance with the CONGU Unified Handicapping System or any directive imposed by England Golf.

Should a resolution not be achieved, the appeal can be directed to England Golf, whose decision shall be final.

Steven West
General Manager
11th October 2015

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