Handicaps & Competitions Notice No.4

Medal Play Returns - Stableford/Nett Double Bogey Adjustment

(Unified Handicapping System (UHS) Clause 19)

Did you know?

Even though you did not complete a hole, the highest possible score that will be recorded on that hole for handicap adjustment purposes is a ‘nett double bogey.’
If this happens, whilst you will be unable to win the prizes or the trophy on the day because you have not completed a hole(s), your round can still have a purpose and allow you to still return a score for handicap purposes.

What is a Stableford/Nett Double Bogey adjustment?

Its purpose is to place a limit on the maximum score that can be recorded at any hole in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability by reducing the impact of the occasional bad hole.

It reduces a player’s ‘high’ score on any hole to the equivalent of the lowest score that would achieve 0 points in a Stableford competition.  It also allows a player who does not complete a hole for any reason, to continue to record a score for handicap purposes.

By doing so, it reduces the incidence of ‘No Returns’ that can, on occasions, represent an undesirable proportion of the competition entry.

For example, on a Par 4 hole, a player who scores no Stableford points would, if he had completed the hole, have taken 6 or more strokes if the index did not provide a stroke on that hole, 7 strokes or more if he had received a stroke or 8 strokes or more if he had received two strokes.

Had the player made a ‘no score’ at the hole, the effect, for handicap purposes, would have been exactly the same i.e. a nett double bogey score of 6.

By taking advantage of this clause and completing subsequent holes, competitors have the opportunity to return scores below their handicap or within their Buffer Zone, even though they do not have a competition score.

This control is for Handicap purposes only and is dealt with by the Master Scoreboard software.

Steven West
General Manager
11th September 2015

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