Handicaps & Competitions Notice No.8

Annual Handicap Review

The Annual Handicap Review has been carried out in accordance with the Guidelines set out in the Unified Handicapping System.

As a result some Members have had their handicaps adjusted. Details of the changes to Exact Handicaps have been formally published on the Master Scoreboard database, and will also appear on Noticeboards and in the Handicap Register in the Gents Changing Room.

These changes apply from Friday 1st January 2016.

Those with adjusted handicaps will be monitored to confirm that the Annual Review has been fair and equitable.

Increases do not affect any on-going match play competitions e.g. Winter Foursomes, where the Handicap the player entered with is the maximum they can play off.

To retain a Competition Handicap members are required to submit a minimum of 3 returns in the year up to 1st January. Please see “Non-Competition” Handicap List on Noticeboard. Please contact me if ill health or injury has precluded someone from returning sufficient scores. Members with a Non-competitionHandicap may play in a Competition, and whilst they can win subsidiary prizes (e.g. 2’s sweep), they cannot win any competition prizes.

If anyone has any queries / concerns, think they have been omitted or just think that we have got it wrong, please contact Steve West.

Steve West
General Manager
31 December 2015

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