Competition Changes

This Notice is to inform Members of some Competition changes.

Midweek Stableford - Will move from Wednesdays to Tuesdays from the 1st January 2016.

Background - Due to the fact that the course is very busy on a Wednesday, placing time constraints on competitors, several Members had approached the Secretary about the possibility of changing the competition day.
Views about the potential change were collected on two occasions from those entering this competition, which showed that a high percentage (91% of 34 & 90% of 27 respectively) had no objection to it.  
The views of some regular Tuesday players were obtained about the potential change, and whilst some had reservations about the potential effect on tee times and pace of play, some saw it as an opportunity to enter more scores for their handicaps.
After discussion, including the control of Society bookings, the committee decided that the Midweek Stableford would move to Tuesdays from the 1st January 2016.

Men’s Medal Competitions - All competitors will play a Medal round from March 2016.

Background - Currently when a Men’s Medal is played, with the exception of the Club Championship, Division 4 is played as a Stableford event.  It was felt that this denies Division 4 players the opportunity to gain Medal play experience, which places them at a disadvantage when playing in Medal “Trophy qualifying” events and the Championship.  It also makes administration of Medal “Trophy qualifying” events more complicated and affects Competition Standard Scratch calculations.  To enable Division 4 players to gain Medal experience and fairly compete in these events; the committee decided that all competitors should play a Medal round.

Club Championship Play-Offs

In the event of a tie in the Handicap event count back will be used, and a tie in the Scratch event will be decided by a sudden death play-off.
Background - Previously the format for dealing with a tie in both Scratch and Handicap events was a play-off.  A proposal was received that in the event of a tie in the Handicap event, count back procedures should be introduced, as it was difficult to award shots in the play-off holes due to handicap variances.  Guidelines were reviewed and changes agreed.

Committee minutes dealing with these topics are available in the Lounge and on this website.

Steven West
General Manager
14th December 2015

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