Handicaps & Competitions Notice No.5

Handicap Allocation (UHS Clause 16)

A Handicap can be allotted to a Member only after full consideration of their previous playing history, including any Handicap held previously at any other club or under another Handicap system.

To obtain a Handicap a player must submit such 3 cards over 18 holes over a Measured Course i.e. Yellow or Red.  Each card must be marked and signed by a Member with a Competition Handicap (c).  The cards should normally be submitted within a period of six months.

Regaining a Handicap (UHS Clause 26)

If the Handicap of a player is to be restored within six months of the date in which his Handicap was lost, or suspended, it must be reinstated at the same Handicap the player last held.

If a player’s Handicap is to be restored within 6 to 12 months then it must be reinstated at the same Handicap the player last held but not marked as a Competition Handicap (c). In all other cases the player shall be allotted a new Handicap after they have complied with the requirements of Clause 16.

Steven West
General Manager
11th October 2015

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