Handicaps & Competitions Notice No.3

Supplementary Scores

(CONGU Unified Handicapping System (UHS) Clause 21)

Supplementary Scores were initially introduced for those who either had difficulty in obtaining an acceptable starting time or struggled to find the time to play in club Qualifying Competitions.

Supplementary Scores provide players an alternative format in which to submit scores for Handicap purposes and augment the often sparse information derived from competition play. They can provide more evidence of playing ability for a wider range of players so making Handicapping more equitable and golf under Handicap conditions more meaningful for all concerned.

An acceptable score for Supplementary Score purposes is any score over 18 holes under Competition Play Conditions over the measured Yellow/Red Course, marked and signed by a fellow Yelverton Member.  The format may be Stroke Play or Stableford.

A Member, with the exception of those in Category 1, may return up to a maximum of ten Supplementary Scores in a 12 month period from 1st March, limited to the return of one Supplementary Score per week. (Week is defined as Monday to Sunday).

A Member intending to return a Supplementary Score is required to record his intention prior to commencement of play in the Supplementary Scores book.

A Competition Scratch Score is not calculated and adjustments to Handicap will be made in respect of the Standard Scratch Score (Yellow Tees - 70/Red Tees - 74).  Stroke Play returns are subject to Stableford/Nett Double Bogey Adjustment, which lessens the impact of the occasional ‘bad’ score on a player’s return.

A player in Category 1 with a Non-Competition Handicap on the 1st March may return up to a maximum of three Supplementary Scores to regain a Competition Handicap.

A player in Category 1 with a Competition Handicap on the 1st March may not return any Supplementary Scores until September 1st and then only as many as required up to a maximum of three, in order to retain a Competition Handicap.

Steven West
General Manager
19th August 2015

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