Handicaps & Competitions Notice No.11

Pace of Play - Course Marshal

To ensure smooth running of the course on competitive Saturdays, a Course Marshal will patrol the course with the primary role of ensuring that players keep a good pace of play and also act appropriately to meet both the spirit, Rules and etiquette of the game.

Golfers should follow the requests and instructions of the Marshal.

Pace of play:
The first few groups in a field are crucial to setting the pace of play for the day.  They should complete their rounds comfortably within the maximum time of 3 hours 40 minutes for a competitive 3-Ball, playing off White tees. The Marshal will be particularly alert to any problems early in the field.
Your pace of play is determined by your position relative to the group ahead, not the group behind. If the group behind you has fallen back, it means that the Marshal will be trying to get them back into proper position. To move them into position the group ahead of them (your group) must first be positioned properly.

Monitoring Process:
If a group falls behind, the Course Marshal will establish the reasons for slow play and any mitigating factors, e.g. ball searches, inclement weather.
Subsequently, and if required, the Marshal will encourage the slow group to catch up with the group in front.
The Marshall will monitor the situation and, if the group fail to respond, will issue a warn-ing to the group.
If the group again fail to respond, the Marshal will report the group to the Secre-tary/General Manager for appropriate action.

Authority: The Course Marshal has the delegated authority of the Committee to carry out the role and apply the guidelines. Mistreatment of the Marshal will not be tolerated.

Steve West
General Manager
15 January 2015

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