Gents Stroke Play Competition Entry Procedure

1. Competition Entry:
a. Start times are available from 16.00 pm on the Sunday three weeks in advance of the Competition, by logging in to Master Scoreboard for a Medal/Stableford Competition, where Members can book 1 tee time for a maximum of 3 names, including their own.  A Reserve List will be started when tee times are fully booked.
b. Bookings for most other competitions will be made by telephoning the Pro Shop, again from 16:00 e.g. 4 names for a Better Ball Competition.  Payment will be taken on the day of the Competition in the Pro Shop. Start sheets will be posted in the Pro Shop and on the Club Website.
c. Competitors must have a Competition Handicap. Members with a Non-competition Handicap may play in the Competition, and whilst they can win subsidiary prizes (e.g. 2’s sweep), they cannot win any competition prizes.
d. Entrants who fail to turn up without notifying of their intention to withdraw may be liable for one of the following measures:
1st No Show - A Warning
2nd No Show - 2 Competition Ban.
3rd No Show – Further sanction.
To be fair to all, Members must be aware, that if their name has been put down on the Start Sheet by a colleague, and that named member fails to show up for their allotted time, that member will still be liable for one of these measures.
e. Prospective competitors who withdraw either on the day of the Competition or on the day before, are liable for the Entry Fee.  They will not then be able to enter that 18-hole competition, if it is played over 2 days.
f. Members can still play in the Medal/Stableford Competitions after the reserved times for the Competition. They should register and pay their entry fee in the Pro Shop and enter their score in the computer as normal.
2. Competition Tees
Unless otherwise stated, all Competitions will be played from the White tees.
3. Registration
Players should pay their entry fees and pick up their Scorecard at the Pro Shop, at least 15 minutes before their starting time.
4. Starting
Players should be at the 1st Tee at least 10 minutes before their starting time.
5. Returns of Scorecards
All competitors in Qualifying Competitions must return their score cards with their finishing time recorded, whether complete or not.  Competitors must enter hole by hole scores into the computer terminal.  Entrants who fail to either return or record their scores may be liable for one of the measures set out in paragraph 1c.  Persistent failure to return score cards may result in the suspension of the player’s handicap.
6. Ties
Unless stated in the conditions of a specific Competition, Ties will be decided on count-back on the basis of better inward half, last 6 holes, last 3 holes, etc.

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General Manager
11th October 2015

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