First Tee Starting Chute Procedure

In the absence of a tee time booking system, the procedure for starting general play at Yelverton GC, extracted from Club Bye-Laws, is:


A ball may only be placed in the chute when all players of each game are on the tee and ready to play. If this procedure has been properly observed, players may use the putting green, practice area or indoor net, providing no delay in play results. If all players are not present to play, when due, their ball shall be placed last in the chute.”

‘In the car park’ is not on the tee.
Ready to play means exactly that - golf shoes on, with clubs/bag/trolley, etc.

Please respect other players by complying with this procedure.

On non-competitive Winter Saturdays the Paper Ball Chute procedure applies.

Steve West
General Manager
24 March 2016

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