Friends of Dartmoor Volunteer with Driver

Driving Leats Forward

The facelift to the Dartmoor leats continued this week and yielded a touch of nostalgia as view of three or four decades ago were unveiled before your eye. Over a dozen hard working Dartmoor Preservation Association ‘Friends of Dartmoor’ group in conjunction with Yelverton Golf Club Volunteers persevered to restore the condition of the leat around the 11th tee area. As can be imagined numerous lost golf balls were found but one surprise which no doubt had a story of its own was the discovery of a ‘Driver’, a club often used to propel the ball hundreds of yards down the centre of the fairway. Well, that’s the theory but in this case the offending club itself probably got propelled but not down the centre of the fairway.

The views across the moorland from the 10th green are spectacular and indeed with good eyesight and a little imagination the ‘Skylark Inn’ can be glimpsed. On a more practical note the flow of air in this area has been improved helping the course to dry more readily and further increase the health of the course. A big thanks to the friendly Friends of Dartmoor group for all their hard work, and for the volunteers from the club whose work will benefit every member.

Report Compiled by: Gary Hulbert


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