1.Open to any combination of Ladies, Gentlemen and Professionals; Men to play off White Tees and Ladies to play off the Red Tees, and off C.O.N.G.U. Handicaps.  The allowance will be half of the full difference between the aggregate handicaps of either side (Rounded Up). Lady amateurs will receive the benefit of three additional strokes, before the handicap adjustment has been made. All Professionals are to play off plus 1. Maximum Handicap - Gentlemen 22, Ladies 30. N.B. It is a condition of the competition that handicaps may be reduced during the competition, but cannot be increased.

2. Entry forms (click here) should be forwarded to the Secretary, Yelverton Golf Club, accompanied by the Entrance Fee of: £25.00 per Visitor, £15.00 per Yelverton member. Entries, limited to 128 pairs, close on Friday 15th September 2017 - balloting may occur if over subscribed. Entry includes Plate Competition, for those knocked out in the first round(s). If you do not inform the Secretary that you wish to enter the Plate competition, you will not be entered.

3. No practice is allowed on the course on the days of the rounds. One practice round only may be played, on payment of £10.00 green fee per person, at any time except Saturdays and after 12.00pm on Sundays, provided the entrance fee has been paid and by prior arrangement with the club secretary.

4. The draw will take place on Monday 18th September 2017 and competitors can view the draw here, as will all results and start times for subsequent rounds. Entries may not be altered after the first round, regardless of whether a match has been played.

5. Matches will be played:-
FIRST round(s) Medal Qualifiers on Sunday 15th October & Sunday 22nd October 2017.
Top 8 pairs from each qualifying round will go through to the knockout stages.
SECOND round on Sunday 5th November 2017
QUARTER FINALS on Sunday 19th November 2017
SEMI FINAL, 3rd & 4th PLAY OFF, FINAL & PLATE on Sunday 3rd December 2017.

In the event of any round or matches being postponed or suspended due to the weather, or the course conditions, that round or those matches, will be played on the date set for the following round and subsequent rounds will be put back by two weeks until the completion of the competition. It is the players’ responsibility to ensure their availability for all rounds and possible alterations to the published dates due to the weather and course conditions.

6. The third/fourth place play-off will be played on Finals Day.  

7. Prize Fund: Prizes to the winning pair will be to the value of £300.00 per pair, Runners Up £200.00 per pair 3rd Place £150.00 per pair and 4th place £100.00 per pair.
The leading professional will in addition, win a further £750.00, 2nd leading Professional £500.00 and 3rd leading professional £250.00. (Professionals bonus subject to conditions: Reaching the quarter finals and there being a minimum of 10 professional entries).

8. Men's Stroke Index to be used for all matches.

9. The Competition Committee reserves the right to add to, alter or amend any of these conditions, and their decision shall be final.

10. All players are requested to report to the Secretary, 15 minutes before commencing play for all rounds of the competition. Winners must report the result of their match - failure to do so may render them ineligible for the next round.

12. N.B. Competitors are advised to bring light bags should there be a ban on trolleys.

General Manager

Steven West

01822 852824 Ext: 1


Claire Smith

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Tim Wilkes

01822 852824 Ext: 5


Tim McSherry

01822 852824 Ext: 3

Direct line: 01822 853593