Gents Winter Stroke Play Competitions

(Note: Gents Winter individual Stroke Play competitions are considered to be those played in November, December, January and February.)

Last winter’s Trial to play the Gents Winter individual Stablefords as 2-day competitions was reviewed and considered an effective way of managing the numbers wishing to play in these Winter competitions. However, concerns remain about the effect on availability of the Course during Winter week-ends for full paying Member’s social golf and pace of play.

Concerns also remain about the fairness of the booking process, the rapid filling up of the Starting Sheet and the significant number of subsequent withdrawals. To be fair to all, Members need to be sure that the people they are booking in are available to play in the competition. The process will continue to be monitored to identify potential improvements.

Guidelines: The following guidelines will therefore apply to the Sunday element of the competition:

  • Entrants who withdraw either on the Saturday of the competition or on the day before, remain liable for the Entry Fee, and will not be eligible to play in the competition on the Sunday. Therefore, Members should take this into account when making their initial phone booking. Those who previously had not entered the competition and those remaining on the Reserve List can opt to play on the Sunday.
  • As normal, Players should pay their entry fees and pick up their Scorecard at the Pro Shop.
  • Fixtures on the Calendar have priority on the 1st tee.
  • Competitors, playing in a maximum of 3-balls, will have no precedence on either the 1st tee or on the Course.
  • To accommodate non-competitors, the normal ball chute process will operate, i.e. a ball may only be placed in the chute when all players of each game are on the tee and ready to play, and thereafter, normal pace of play etiquette and courtesies apply.
  • On the Course, Competitors are asked to respect other players and if Competitors lose ground and are delaying the group behind, they should invite the group behind to play through.
  • All Competitors must return their score cards with their start and finishing times recorded, and enter hole by hole scores into the computer terminal.
  • One set of prizes will be awarded for the 2 day competition; however, a separate Competition Scratch Score will be calculated for each day.
  • The whole competition will be cancelled if on the Saturday - play is abandoned / the Course is closed / there are more than 2 Temporary Greens.
  • If the Saturday part is completed and if on the Sunday - play is abandoned / the Course is closed / there are more than 2 Temporary Greens, the results from Saturday will stand.
    Review. The process and guidelines will be reviewed by 28 February 2013.

Steven West
General Manager
7th March 2012

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