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16 May 2017. Minutes of ther Greens Commitee held on 10th May can be found in the Minutes Section.

15 May 2017.  Greens Notices 1/17 and 2/17 can be seen by opening the Greens Notices option in the Menu of the side of this page and then clicking the respective link.


Communication with Members

The Greens Committee elected at the Club AGM on March 8th 2017 is very keen to provide Club members with information about what is happening out on the Course and why. The forum for this communication will initially be through the Club website. Minutes of Greens Committee Meeting, which will include a course report for Kristian Summerfierld (the Course Manager) will appear as usual in the Minutes section of the web site. They also appear in the Minutes Folder in the Club Lounge.

In this "Greens" section, we will publish Greens Notices, letters from the Chair and other documents as necessary. These can be found by clicking on the Menu items on the right hand side of this page.

On this page we will draw your attention to new notices and anything else that is new. 

In time, it is hoped to have a folder in the Club Lounge containing copies of the notices plus the Committee's Terms of Reference, the Course Policy and the Course Development Plan when these have been refined and are ready for publication.

Any comments with regard to Greens Committee communication should be passed to the General Manager.

General Manager

Steven West

01822 852824 Ext: 1


Claire Smith

01822 852824 Ext: 4


Tim Wilkes

01822 852824 Ext: 5


Tim McSherry

01822 852824 Ext: 3

Direct line: 01822 853593