9-Hole Qualifying Scores  (CONGU Unified Handicapping System - Clause 22)

The format for 9-Hole Qualifying Competitions (and Supplementary Scores) is Sta-bleford.  A ‘neutral’ 18 points for the 9 holes not played is added to the 9-hole Sta-bleford score to determine whether players have played within, or better than, their Buffer Zones.  For Handicap Record purposes, when a player fails to return a score within their Buffer Zone the points accumulated over the nine holes played is dou-bled.  This provides a realistic indication of ability for handicap review.
Note 1:  A Qualifying Competition over 9 holes must not be part of an 18-hole Quali-fying Competition.

Standard Scratch Scores
The YGC Designated Nine-Hole Course Standard Scratch Scores are set out below and are expressed as an 18-hole value.

Tees Holes Par SSS Effective Date
Yellow (Men) 1-9 72 70 10/02/2016
Red (Ladies) 1-9 74 74 10/02/2016

Handicap Allowance
9-Hole scorecards have been produced and Handicap strokes must be taken ac-cording to the Stroke Index for the 9-Hole Course.
A 9-Hole Competition Handicap Allowance must be calculated as follows:
[Exact Handicap + Nine-Hole SSS – (Nine-Hole Par x2)] / 2
For example, if the player has an Exact Handicap of 12.8 and the Nine-Hole SSS and Par are 70 and 72 respectively the Nine-Hole Competition Handicap Allowance is:
[12.8 + 70 – (36 x2)] / 2= [12.8 + 70 – 72] / 2 = 5.4 rounded to 5.
However, to save you the bother of calculating your 9-hole Handicap allowance, copies of 9-Hole Handicap Conversion Tables are held in the Pro Shop, namely, Par-2 = SSS for Men and Par = SSS for Ladies.

Buffer Zones
A Competition Scratch Score shall not be calculated.  The following Buffer Zones apply to Qualifying Scores over 9-Holes:

Handicap Category Buffer Zone (Stableford Points)
1 36
2 & 3 35-36
4, 5 & Club 34-36

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